Good2Go Toolbar Available Soon


The Good2Go toolbar will be available soon, and it will help you earn when you visit your favorite merchants directly.


Once downloaded, follow your browser's instructions to install this browser toolbar app.


Instantly earn & get offers without having to visit the DreamTrips Online Mall before you shop.

Why Install Good2Go Toolbar

With this free cool tool, you'll earn more on-the-go because you'll be reminded when you visit one of our generous online shops.

Instantly Earn

You don't have to remember to stop by the Online Mall before you start shopping. Good2Go Toolbar will let you know when you are shopping at a retailer that gives back!

Get Offers & Coupons

Just click when you see the Good2Go Toolbar reminder to activate your earnings and to access all available coupons & offers. Save money while earning for a great cause.

Installation Help for Good2Go Toolbar

Three easy steps to install and use the Good2Go Toolbar in your browser.

Internet Explorer will ask you if you would like to "run" or "save" the webapp.

Click "run", and in the next window, click "run" again. Internet Explorer will complete the installation process.

You will need to restart your browser before you can begin to use Good2Go Toolbar. Good2Go Toolbar can be found in your Add/Remove programs panel.

Look for the Good2Go Toolbar icon.

This will show up in your browser bar after installation. Click on it to access FAQs, quick links to excluded shops (like Amazon), or turn Good2Go Toolbar on or off, as you like.

FAQs for Good2Go Toolbar & DreamTrips Online Mall

No, it's completely free! You earn on all qualifying purchases at more than 800 retailers participating in the DreamTrips Online Mall program. You can also save by using coupons displayed for retailers.

If you have installed DreamTrips Toolbar, you can use it to ensure that you get access to deals when shopping online. Look for DreamTrips Toolbar at the top of your browser window when you visit the sites of your favorite stores. If you see it, click on earn message to enable tracking and ensure that you earn Rovia Bucks on qualifying purchases from the store.

You can download DreamTrips Toolbar for the most popular browsers (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome , Safari) . See conditions for obtaining a complete list of browsers / versions we support.

Yes, DreamTrips Toolbar is browser-specific, so whether you are running Firefox, Safari or another browser on a Macintosh or a Windows computer, you can download it and install it. It will run identically on both . Please note that DreamTrips Toolbar does not work on iPad or iPhone. If you want to earn on your purchases via an iPhone or iPad , you must visit the merchant site via DreamTrips Online Mall website.

Just click the "add store to favorites" link in the expanded toolbar. The store will be added to your favorites list displayed on the Options page. It also appears in the favorites list on the online mall.

If you see the DreamTrips Toolbar at the top of your browser window when on a store website, click it to activate. The message will change to let you know you are now earning on qualifying purchases on the merchants site.

You can also use the available coupons for a particular retailer. If you expand the DreamTrips Toolbar you can select from the offers available at the current merchant. Selecting an offer will forward you to the offer related page on the merchants website. DreamTrips Toolbar will confirm the details of the offer.

DreamTrips Toolbar works on almost all of the 800 plus stores that are part of the DreamTrips Online Mall program.

There are known issues with and Safari 5.1.

Solution: If you use Mac OS X , you should upgrade to the latest version of Safari.

Please note that if you have the Google Translate plug-in downloaded in Internet Explorer, this can interfere with the operation of DreamTrips Toolbar. To be sure that DreamTrips Toolbar is working properly, we recommend that you uninstall your Google Translate plug-in.

If you are using Internet Explorer and Google Toolbar / Translate installed. You must uninstall Google Toolbar / Translate before you conduct your purchase.

Remember that the installer only works in the browser you downloaded it in. If you use multiple browsers, you need to download a DreamTrips Toolbar for each browser.

You visit an online store that is not part of DreamTrips Online Mall. Other stores that are part of out network here: All stores.

iPad and iPhone do not support the use of DreamTrips Toolbar. You can still earn on purchases that you make using your iPad or iPhone, if you are enrolled in DreamTrips and clicking directly from the online mall to an associated online store.

Currently DreamTrips Toolbar, will not operate in Internet Explorer 11 on Windows 8.1 when Enhanced Protection mode is enabled. Please be sure to disable Enhanced Protection mode in your Internet Explorer configuration options.

Good2Go Toolbar

Never miss out on special savings again! Using the FREE Good2Go Toolbar you'll be reminded automatically whenever you're shopping with participating merchants. There's also peace of mind with an installed toolbar, that you will save, even if you haven't gone through the Online Mall.

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